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Renters Insurance Long Beach California

Why do I need renters Insurance?

Renters insurance in Long Beach CA, acts similar to a homeowners insurance policy for those who rent. Whether you need condo insurance, apartment insurance, house insurance, duplex insurance, triplex insurance, etc., renters insurance can protect you and your assets. It is important that you insure your personal property correctly, to ensure you will be able to replace everything you own in the event of a fire.  Having renter’s insurance can help devoid costs of damages should anything happen to the rental property that you are living in.  Integrity Now Insurance Brokers will help you put together a renters insurance policy that will protect your best interest.

Renters Insurance Long Beach California

Does my landlord's insurance policy cover me and my stuff?

No! In order to have protection for your personal belonging and yourself you will need to obtain an renters insurance policy.  The landlords insurance policy protects their building and their own personal contents like their refrigurator or stove.  It is important that you as the renter obtain your own insurance.  As an added benefit when you obtain a renters policy you may qualify for a multi-policy discount on your auto insurance.  The saving you get could pay for most of the cost of the renters insurance policy.

How do I get a renters insurance quote?

Purchasing renters insurance is easy.  Simply give us a call and request an insurance quote.  We will need to know some basic information about yourself and the estimated value of your personal items located within your home.  It really is that easy.  If you are not already insured through Integrity Now Insurance Brokers I would recommend filling out the Auto Insurance Quote and letting us know you would like to also receive a renters quote as well.

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