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I have the privilege to work with lots of people here is California.  This week I received a phone call from one of my insurance carriers that I work with and they asked if I could help Mrs Green.  Mrs Green is from Lakewood California and she is a 91 year old women.  She has a wonderful spirit and is full of joy.  

She reminds me of my wifes late grandmother who recently passed away within the past year.  Mrs Green is very concerned about Covid-19 and because she did not have a computer we were not able to take care of things like signing applications and reviewing quotes. I needed to drop by her house and pick things up.  

In talking with her we did discover that her insurance was cancelled because she missed a payment a few months back.  Then we discovered that she had filled a claim that paid out about $10,000 within the past 2 years. 

I asked if she was still driving to see if we could bundle Auto Insurance with the Home Insurance and she said I am 91 years old it would not be safe if I was still driving.  We both laughed at her comment and I said I understand and that is probably a great decision. 

When we finalized the home insurance quote the carrier required that I take pictures of the house and have Mrs Green sign the application to confirm all information was correct.  

After completing this and making two stops by her house (One to drop off the paperwork and take pictures and two to pick the paperwork back up the next day) I submitted everything into the carrier for review.  While at her house I noticed her roof was nearing the end of its life.  Well the Underwriter also noticed the same thing.  I told Mrs Green that they approved the quote but if the insurance carrier had an inspection completed on the house they would more than likely require that she replace her roof.  

Turns out who was the original owner of this 1952 house, so I am sure she has replaced the roof a couple of times over its lifetime.  These conversation are difficult anytime we need to have them with our clients who have a home insurance need, but when your client is 91 years old and is on a fixed income that just makes this conversation even harder. 

Like a champion Mrs Green said well let’s roll the dice and see if they will make me replace the roof or not.  Well today I am picking up the paperwork from her house again to put her Home Insurance coverage back in place.  I have truly hoping for the best for her and that the carrier lets this house slip through the crack with no inspection.  

Mrs Green has been a true joy to work with and I hope to one day meet her face-to-face once this Covid-19 virus is all behind us.

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Home Insurance Lakewood California

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