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Hey everyone Integrity Now Insurance Brokers is excited to announce that we have added some additional auto and home insurance carriers for us to quote.  We recently added Mercury Insurance, Progressive Insurance, ASI – American Strategic Insurance, Guard Insurance, and Heritage Insurance Company.  Of course we still have our many other insurance carriers.  

With the addition of these insurance carriers we are able to provide a more complete picture of which insurance carrier is best for you.  Many people believe one specific auto or home insurance carrier is best because their neighbor has amazing rates that seem lower than what they are paying.  Interestingly enough insurance carrier rates change by address not zip code.  

If you are paying $1,500 for your auto insurance with Travelers (who is the lowest price based on your specific address) and you moved right next door Safeco could become the new lowest priced insurance quote.  Just as Mercury could be the lowest priced carrier for one person but the most expensive for someone else.  

I stopped trying to make sense of auto and home insurance pricing many years ago.  Our goal is simply to put in all of your information into out multi-carrier insurance rater and let the rater tell us which one of our dozens of carriers is best for you.  Once we have the quotes we evaluate not only price but coverage.  

Complete our only quote request form or give us a call and we will check which insurance carrier is best for you.

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