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California's High-Value Home Insurance Agency

High Value Home Insurance California
High Value Home Insurance California
High Value Home Insurance California

What is high-valued home insurance and should you have it?

If your home has an insured value of $750,000 or more it is time to consider a high-valued home insurance policy.  Insurance carriers that specialize in high-value home insurance products offer some of the most comprehensive insurance policies on the insurance market today and are a top choice among those who qualify for these specialized insurance products.   

High-value home insurance is tailored to provide insurance coverage for buildings of higher than the average value, such as heritage homes, as well as homes with special features or design elements.  Another great example of a unique feature imported, high end stone valued at over $1,000,000 that was  installed by one of our clients when they have their home built.

High-value home insurance products are based on:

  • Reconstruction value of the property (not real estate value)
  • Lifestyle of the people who live there.
  • A need for increased liability protection
  • Agreed value insurance protection

Choosing the best high-valued home insurance is an important consideration to be able to maintain your lifestyle when you have a claim. High-value home insurance has features to make sure you are able to do so.

Things to consider for high-value insurance

We have looked at the insurable value of your home and some unique features of your home.  A few other items to consider for obtaining a high-value home insurance policy include:

  • You have high-value fine arts, rugs, coin collections, jewelry, wine or other specialty items. Many of our clients add jewelry they bought their spouse valued at $100,000 or more on a regular basis. 
  • You own an extensive collection of antique and collector cars in your private showroom. 
  • You understand the importance of quality and are willing to pay for the value added insurance coverage. 
  • The items you choose to decorate or put in your home would not be found at standard stores.
  • You own the Centurion card from American Express.
  • Specialty roof materials, for example, that are made of clay, tile, copper or metal, or a green roof that have  elaborate design.
  • If you have a green home or have invested in environmentally friendly design and construction or heating then you should consider high-value insurance.
  • If you have special features on your property, such as outdoor living areas, guest houses, swimming pool areas, private lake, or special landscaping.
  • You employ full-time and/or part-time groundskeeper, housekeeper, nanny, chef or private security.
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Advantages of High-Value Home Insurance

If your home where to be burned in a fire, below are a few options that you would have with your high-value home insurance policy.

  • If you find that you or your family were too traumatized by the total loss of your home some of these insurance carriers will allow you to rebuild somewhere else for the full value of your insurance policy. 
  • Flexibility and convenience: Full cash value payouts without depreciation based on the agreed value of your home and contents at time of your claims settlement.
  • Increased policy limits for money, jewelry, landscaping, personal contents, and business use items.
  • Increased coverage for mold remediation.
  • Coverage for items like fine arts, antiques or wine collections.
  • Coverage for increased costs of construction after a claim due to building ordinance and code upgrades.
  • Some high-value home insurance carriers will provide at no cost your own fire department protection which is above and beyond your local fire department when you live in or near high fire prone areas.
  • Broad Coverage for Sewer and Drain Backups.  If a sewer backs up and causes drains or toilets to overflow, our carriers will pay to clean up the damage and replace or rebuild damaged property.
  • Additional living expenses on many high-value home or condo and renters policies are unlimited. This allows you to live in a place that is up to your standard of living for as long as it takes to rebuild your home or while repairs are being done without a hassle. It also allows time to get the right architects and professionals involved to rebuild your home just as it was before. Standard home insurance limits additional living expenses.
  • For all new policies you are provided with a complimentary home inspection to verify the values of your home and give you a guaranteed replacement value. This also provides the insurance company an opportunity to help you properly document your home and make any suggestions about items of high value.
  • Higher limits of liability insurance and excess liability to protect your liability worldwide
  • Perks and extra coverages are common add-ons with many high-value home insurers.  For example, some carriers offer the possibility of cyber protection.

How much should I expect to pay for a high-valued insurance policy?

It can be typical for high-value home insurance policies to cost more than a typical or standard insurance policy.  However, we have found that there are times when the costs are reduced. A few reasons why the costs of a high-value insurance policy are more expensive than a standard home policy are because:

  • It is created to provide a personalized experience for clients in claims and protect your lifestyle.
  • Standard insurance policies can only offer limited liability protection not to exceed $1,000,000, $2,000,000, or $5,000,000 even when the client needs $25,000,000 or more in liability protection.
  • It offers top of the line service, it is a “VIP” type of product that you are willing to pay more for.
  • Most insurance agents don’t include all of the needed insurance to protect all of your assets at the proper values.
  • Home values are under-insured and we need to increase the insured value substantially.
  • Standard car insurance policies insure based on an actual cash value bases verses an agreed value basis.

I understand that paying more for insurance is the last thing we ever want to do.  We will work hard for you to keep your cost down but also make sure you are protected for those unexpected circumstances.  


How is my car insured with High-Valued Insurance?

  • If you or your family member is involved in an auto accident our insurance carriers will be there to help you return back to your normal life as smoothly as possible. We will also act as your advocate answering any questions we can.  Many of our carriers will also take care of tasks like finding and booking rental cars, communicating with other drivers’ insurers and more.
  • Agreed Value Means No Surprises.  In the event of a total loss, insurance carriers will pay the Agreed Value stated on your high value insurance policy. 
  • In the event of an accident our carriers will install Original Manufacturers’ Replacement Parts. We or the insurance company can help you locate a nearby repair facility, and they insist that the repair shop only use original equipment manufacturers’ (OEM) parts.
  • Rentals Car options. If you rent or borrow a vehicle anywhere in the world, you’re covered. And if you need a rental car while your vehicle is undergoing repairs, many of our carriers will provide you with a vehicle with no daily limit.  When possible the carrier can arrange to have the vehicle brought to you. 
  • Many of the features found on a traditional policy are also included on your high value auto insurance policy. For example, multi-car discounts, security device discounts and if you have more cars than drivers, you can’t possibly drive them all at once. This lowers each car’s risk of being involved in an accident, and our carriers provide premium discounts. 

Earthquake Insurance for High-Value Homes

Our high-value insurance carrier’s provide earthquake insurance as an added protection within the total portfolio of coverage.  You are not forced into a secondary insurance market where you risk them running out of money before they pay you to rebuild your home.  They offer several options of coverage depending on the level of coverage desired.  

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Why choose Integrity Now Insurance Brokers?

As your insurance agent we have access to all of the high-value insurance carriers that are available in the marketplace.  As the insurance carriers change or new high-value insurance carriers are added we are continually evaluating each of the insurance carriers to make sure our clients are with the right carrier to meet their specific needs.  We bring the experience you need when trying to navigate through seasons as new markets become available or disappear.  Not all carriers are treated equal and we do our best to make sure you will be insured from a top rated carrier that will be here when you need them most.. 

Products and Services

  • Auto Insurance
  • Home Insurance
  • Renters Insurance
  • Individual Health Insurance
  • Life Insurance
  • Business Insurance
  • Workers’ Compensation Insurance
  • Property Insurance
  • Group Health Insurance


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