Medicare Insurance Long Beach California

Medicare Insurance Long Beach California I am sure you are very well aware that Medicare Open Enrollment has begun.  If you are like me you have already seen 10 million commercials trying to convince you to move over to their great plan.   Most people know that this is Open enrollment for Medicare Advantage plans but […]

Home Insurance Quote Lakewood California

Home Insurance Lakewood California

Home Insurance Lakewood California I have the privilege to work with lots of people here is California.  This week I received a phone call from one of my insurance carriers that I work with and they asked if I could help Mrs Green.  Mrs Green is from Lakewood California and she is a 91 year […]

Motorcycle Insurance – Long Beach, CA

Motorcycle Insurance Long Beach, CA

(562) 606-1030 Motorcycle Insurance Long Beach, CA This last week we received a call from someone who was looking for motorcycle insurance and they had shopped around at all of the usual insurance carriers.  I told him that my family owns and works at a local motorcycle dealership in Brea, CA.   As we worked through […]

California Wild Fire – Home Insurance

Home Insurance California

Home Insurance and California Fires If you live in California you are well aware that this beautiful state suffers from its annual wildfires.  Is has become an expected event and we all just either are thankful that we don’t live in areas that suffer wildfires or we get down on our knees and pray to […]

Home Insurance Long Beach, CA

Home Insurance Long Beach, CA

This week is starting off to be a week to of lots of insurance quotes dealing with home insurance and auto insurance.  I am guessing that because everyone is now working from home as a result of COVID-19 people are now looking for new ways to save on their home and auto insurance.   We recently […]

Auto Insurance Quote Long Beach, CA

Auto Insurance Quote

Auto Insurance Long Beach, CA Hey everyone Integrity Now Insurance Brokers is excited to announce that we have added some additional auto and home insurance carriers for us to quote.  We recently added Mercury Insurance, Progressive Insurance, ASI – American Strategic Insurance, Guard Insurance, and Heritage Insurance Company.  Of course we still have our many […]

Plumbing Contractor Workers’ Compensation Insurance

Plumbing Contractor Insurance

We are really excited for our clients who are in the plumbing industry.  2020 has brought an even softer workers’ compensation insurance market that has continued to drive down workers’ compensation insurance premium to record lows.  A few years ago a small pluming contractor with a couple employees were spending close to $11,000 on average […]

Medicare Insurance Agent Long Beach California

Baby Boomers are quickly turning 65 years old at a pace of over 10,000 people per day.  This is creating a huge need for qualified Medicare Insurance Agents to help individuals to sign up for a Medicare plan.  Depending on where you live will depend on what type of Medicare Insurance plan will work best […]

Blue Shield of California – Plan Changes 2018

First and foremost, it is important that you read your 2018 plan information guide each year and make yourself aware of any changes that might affect you and your family.  Blue Shield of California is making a significant change to their Individual and Family PPO plans.  This change could have a major affect to you […]