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Home autoWhen considering purchasing Home Insurance in Long Beach, California we recommend using an insurance broker who has access to preferred insurance carriers that provide home insurance.  In using an insurance broker you are able to quickly search multiple home insurance quotes across all of the insurance carriers that broker has access to.  Once you have the quotes, the insurance agent is able to let you know the differences in coverages each carrier provides.  In doing this analysis you will know why some carriers might be priced higher then another and you can determine if you want to pay slightly more for coverage.  Not all home insurance carriers are treated equal so it is important to ask the Insurance Agent which carrier they would recommend obtaining.  As an independent insurance agent our job is to remain objective and represent you the clients best interest when obtaining home insurance.

Please contact us today and we will scheduled an appointment to review your home insurance or provide you with a new home insurance quote.

Kevin Edwards, CRIS
Integrity Now Insurance Brokers, Inc.


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