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Integrity Now Insurance Brokers specializes in Medicare in the Long Beach California area.  I am sure you are very well aware that Medicare Open Enrollment has begun.  If you are like me you have already seen 10 million commercials trying to convince you to move over to their great plan.  

Most people know that this is Open enrollment for Medicare Advantage plans but these same individuals are not aware that this is also open enrollment for Medicare Beneficiaries who are on Original Medicare for their Part D prescription drug coverage.  

Open enrollment go from October 15, 2020 to December 7 which is not much time to make your move to a new Medicare plan.  One of the advantages for our Medicare Beneficiaries who enrolled into Original Medicare with a Medigap plan is that they only need to make a change for their Part D plan.  This is because their Medicare Supplement remains the same and never changes from year to year.  

If you are enrolled into a Medicare Advantage plan, most Medicare Beneficiaries are well aware that they have to review their entire plan annually to include the prescription drug plan that is included and make sure sure all of their Doctors are still covered under the network they selected. 

As part of your annual Medicare Advantage plan review, you will need to exam If any coverages have been removed by your Medicare Advantage carrier, did they increase or decrease copays, deductible, max out of pocket cost, and/or your monthly premium cost.  

If you are enrolled into a Medicare Advantage plan and you would like help finding a new plan as you have found out your current plan has made some major changes that you don’t like please give us a call.  One of our Medicare Insurance Agents would love to help you.

Our Medicare Beneficiaries who are on a Medicare Supplement plan only have to check their prescription drug coverage to see if they need to make a change and most of the time they do not unless they have added or removed prescription drugs from the prior year.  

Did you know that 9 out of 10 Medicare Beneficiaries are overwhelmingly satisfied with their Medigap plan?  We wrote an article that talked about this very subject. 

This is because they have the freedom to see any Doctor who accepts Original Medicare (which includes most Doctors and Hospitals).  This includes a Primary care Doctor, Specialist, Hospitals, Medical Facilities, Cancer Treatment Centers and so on. 

In addition when you are enrolled into Original Medicare with a Medigap policy, you are not required to obtain a referral or prior approval for a medically necessary need.  

Until you become an active user of your Medicare insurance policy you obtain, you will not know how good or not so good it is.  With a Medigap plan Medicare Beneficiaries know they a great plan.

If you are stuck in a Medicare Advantage plan and want to know how to break free from it, give us a call and we will walk you through the steps and help you make this transition.

It is not always possible to make this change like it is with an Advantage plan however, we can help guide you through all of your Medicare Insurance options.  

We look forward to hearing from you.  Call us and talk with one of our Medicare Insurance Agents 562-606-1030 x 1

Medicare Insurance Long Beach California
Medicare Insurance Agent Long Beach, CA

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